Sonia performing as her alter-ego…

When it comes to Children’s Entertainment Sonia simply excels!.. Her alter ego Loopy Lou kicks into action, notches it up a gear and “Hey Presto”, your child is the centre of attention throughout the party yet all the guests feel special too. Since having her own children and knowing the kind of things that kept them entertained she has embarked on perfecting the skills of completely captivating her young audience. She completely dispels the myth of “never work with animals & kids” as she is always in control. You will find that she runs the show so smoothly that parents will be able to sit back and enjoy the proceedings rather than rushing around stressing out.

Planning A Party Is Paramount

“The secret is in the planning” reveals Loopy Lou. Good planning and organisation is paramount. She has done this for years and knows exactly how it all works and will advise any new clients on the best way to proceed. You will find that communication will be perfect from the very first enquiry through to the actual event. You will receive advanced information and details by email and then on the day a quick re-cap before letting the show begin!

Experienced with children with a range of disabilities and having British Sign Language level 3 under her belt (or should that be wand?) enables her to have the empathy and understanding to make any party a success.

A Range Of Activities Are Available

The range of parties that are offered are varied and a complete mix and match of activities are available depending upon your requirements. Communication again is key. Let Loopy Lou know as much as possible and she can advise on a plan. Conversely, if you know what content you want and have a running order that you want to undertake, she can work with that too. You will find that Sonia (Loopy Lou) is the consummate professional when it comes to her work, which is indeed her passion. You will also find that she has a very pleasant and humorous disposition. She has a particular skill at taking the drama out of potentially stressful event for you, with a laugh and a joke. And make no mistake that your event will run according to plan and everyone will leave happy!

Some of the activities available are listed below but do also see the standard party packages page.







As always, Sonia is open to suggestions or ideas that you may want to include into your particular event